“In our products there is the essence of our work, what we’re able to do for the past 50 years. Each of our wines comes from the respect of tradition combined with a wise use of new technologies”

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from october to may we’ll be closed on saturday afternoon.

If you’re popping by Lucignano and you have very few time to visit us or you are already familiar with our estate,

our Wine Shop will be at disposal during opening days and hours for a quick tasting.


A tribute to Domenico, founder with his brother Antonio of the family estate and for some of us great uncle, Sbizzío in the ancient local dialect. With this product we want to tell our region also from a different perspective, that is through the production of white wine, even with international varieties in which the depth of the Chardonnay and the aromas of the Viognier blend into a sapid and aromatic whole at the same time.

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Marisa, for decades a source of courage and tenacity for our family, was the source of inspiration for the production of this young and dynamic rosé, a direct expression of a lively and enterprising territory. For many years the rosé has been associated by the collective imagination as a wine for summer consumption, with this version we want to offer it as a product suitable for all occasions and seasons.

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Fresh and extremely versatile in consumption occasions, this wine reflects the perfect expression of the main Tuscan grape, Sangiovese, emblem of Tuscan viticulture but above all Antonio’s great passion, for all “Tonino”, founder of the estate together to his brother Domenico.

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According to the best Tuscan tradition, this Chianti is a young fruity soft wine, ready for consumption in the spring following the harvest. Our goal is to produce Chianti as it used to be, but revisited in a modern key: all this thanks to the use of classic vines such as Sangiovese Canaiolo and Colorino vinified following the most innovative winemaking techniques. From lunch to dinner, so many possibilities of food pairing for a timeless wine that combines tradition and innovation.

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The most elegant expression of our Sangiovese linked to our territory, Ricordo wants to be a tribute to the memory of all our family members who, over the years, driven by great passion and great love for the production of quality wines, have shaped our company. Produced only in the best vintages and the result of a scrupulous manual selection in the vineyard, this Chianti Riserva contains intensity and freshness in harmony with an aromatic complexity and a structure that guarantees longevity.

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True cru of the estate and produced exclusively in the best vintages, Poggio Falcone represents a valid example of Tuscan wines of new generation become famous and appreciated as “Supertuscans”. This wine bears the name of our most exposed vineyard in which the character and elegance of Sangiovese blend in a complementary manner with the power of international vines giving life to a wine of great concentration and structure.

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For many centuries a symbol of hospitality in the Tuscan peasant houses, our Vin Santo owes its name to the first nobleman who became parental authority in Lucignano way back in 1299. Produced from Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia Bianca grapes withered in the vineyard and slow maturation in kegs, this Vin Santo is also dedicated to our ancestors who have handed down to us this splendid custom.

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Our whole family has always had olive cultivation at heart, as well as the cultivation of the vine, with the planting of the first Tuscan cultivar plants immediately after purchasing the property. Thanks to cold processing and early harvesting of olives, our oil is characterized by a very low acidity and a good balance between bitter and spicy.

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