In recent years, our company has undergone an in-depth analysis of production processes with the aim of rationalizing all interventions related to soil management and product defense: abolition of herbicides, prevalent use of organic fertilizers and green manures, processing deep autumnal and grassing of the inter-rows, collection and analysis of meteorological data, installation and monitoring of the traps for the control of the olive moth and fly, compliance with the intervention thresholds with the application of the regional regulation of integrated defense and with the implementation from the 2021 campaign of the process for the national quality and sustainability certification “SQNPI”


Great attention is paid to the continuous control in the field of the vegetative cycle of the vine, carried out with competence and great experience directly by the owners, Alberto and Elisabetta agronomists and Tommaso wine maker, who together make the decisions on the crop choices to be adopted, with the aim of obtaining productions of high quality and health, to guarantee the consumer increasingly attentive to respect for the environment and the products he consumes. We do not distinguish between integrated or organic farming, our intent is to do “sustainable agriculture” which means doing only what is needed, only where and when it is needed, following the teachings of tradition combined with innovation. We try to interpret the vintage and the environmental conditions and not always and in any case following a predefined recipe.

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