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Tenuta Il Sosso

Il Sosso estate is situated amongst the extended hills of the Tuscan landscape in the heart of the green vineyards in the Arezzo area of Chianti, and specifically in the Municipality of Lucignano, an exquisitely beautiful historic medieval village.

The land belonging to the estate falls mainly on the hillside and surrounds the beautiful Leopoldino-style farmhouse (flagship of the estate) built in the second half of the eighteenth century.

The Farm has been owned by the Ravaglioli family for three generations. Since 1965, the year in which the property was purchased, they have put the same endless passion in the cultivation of the vineyards, striving continuously for quality, respecting the environment and the wholesomeness of the products.

To guarantee these aspects, the entire management of the production processes is carried out directly by the owners, Alberto and Elisabetta, agronomists, and Tommaso, oenologist, who transfer their love for the land to the wine with competence, great experience and dedication.

Passion & Terroir

We are linked to the land, as winegrowers and as artisans. We respect nature, local tradition and local things. We cultivate the vineyards with care, without forcing, to produce only what we are able to give. In the cellar we follow the same principles. In doing so we reflect the beauty that surrounds us and the soul of the winemaker.



It is our tribute to Domenico, founder of the estate together with Antonio, great-uncle to some of us, Sbizzio in the ancient local dialect. Obtained from Chardonnay grapes and a small part of Viognier harvested in the vineyards located on the upper part of the estate and with a completely cold vinification cycle in stainless steel tanks, Sbizzio is a white wine characterized by a delicate bouquet, which releases fresh fruit and floral notes but at the same time combines good structure with a marked acidity. Also ideal as an aperitif.


With this wine, the latest in our line, we wanted to rediscover, in a modern way, the production of rosé, which has always been relevant to our winery and which pays homage to Marisa, for many years a female symbol of courage and dedication for our family. Produced from red grapes with a strong predominance of Sangiovese, grown with reduced production per vine and harvested a few days in advance of complete ripeness in such a way as to best express all its freshness and flavour. Fermentation, at controlled temperatures. according to the traditional methods of production of rosé wines by contact with the skins. A Rosé that immediately attracts, thanks to its beautiful colour, which promises a fresh and satisfying drink, accompanied by light fruity aromas.


The latest product included in our range, this wine takes us back to the origins of our history with a dedication to Antonio, Tonino to all of us, founder of the estate together with his brother Domenico. Entirely produced with Sangiovese grapes, it is a young wine with an extremely versatile character in the combination and consumption opportunities.


Chianti has always been one of the top Tuscan wines and it is suitable for all occasions. It is produced with typical varieties of this area such as Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Colorino and made according to traditional methods. Our Chianti perfectly interprets the territory from which it comes. Although it is a fresh and young wine it can be considered well structured, and its aromas are extremely vivacious and balanced.


Ricordo represents our past and the memory of our tradition, fundamental values for our family.
Produced exclusively from the best vintages, it is the result of a careful selection of the best Sangiovese grapes. After an initial maturation in stainless steel tanks it completes its aging in French oak barrels for a total of at least 2 years (as indicated by specifications established for production to make use of the term of Riserva) before being put on the market. It is an energizing and refined wine with great evolutionary power.


This product is a good example of Tuscan wines of a new generation, which became famous and appreciated as “Supertuscans”. Poggio Falcone is the top (cru) of our line and the name is taken from our most exposed vineyard. The blend consists mainly of Sangiovese grapes, and complemented with international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot, all carefully selected at harvest time. It is matured in small oak casks and finishes its maturation in the bottle. Enveloping wine with a great persistence, but at the same time balanced thanks to an important structure and alcohol content which lends itself to a long aging.


A classic wine from the Tuscan tradition, Vinsanto has a fascinating character because it is modern and ancient at the same time. It is the fruit of the withering of Malvasia, Trebbiano and Grechetto grapes on racks in well ventilated rooms and long maturation in oak casks. Golden yellow colour tending to amber, intense and ethereal bouquet with notes of dried fruit, in the mouth it is harmonious and velvety but not cloying thanks to its fresh acidity.
Recommended combination with the best pastries and mature cheeses. Serving temperature 12-14°C.


This is an extra virgin olive oil made solely from olives produced in our olive grove, which is small and consists of Tuscan cultivars such as Frantoio, Leccino and Correggiolo.
The olives are harvested entirely by hand starting towards the end of October. The pressing takes place within 24 hours of the harvest using the cold procedure, and the oil is decanted naturally in order to preserve its characteristic taste and aroma for as long as possible.
This oil is characterized by very low acidity, an intense fruity aroma and a slightly spicy taste.

Wine Tastings and Guided Tour

We want to share with our customers the beauty of the territory, the passion for our work and the joy of continuing with tradition. We seek to transmit all of this through tours and wine tastings organised inside the ancient farmhouse where every wine lover can taste our products paired with tastings of local Tuscan cuisine, learn about the cultivation and production techniques and enjoy a moment of peace walking through the vineyards.

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